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  • View of a bottle of blue lovely bubbly coloured bubble bath with a black lid
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    Blueberry Lovely Bubbly Coloured Bubble Bath 500ml ( £2.72)

    My son will not bath without this! He’s obsessed and it smells lovely

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    2020-10-10 18:57:45
  • View of an orange pro styler next to a bottle of dynamite detangling spray as a gift set

    Mini-U Pro Styler and Dynamite Detangler Set ( £4.98)

    I can not recommend this product set enough. My daughter is 5 years old and her hair is thick and curly which is past her bum. I'm so glad I have found this product as I'm tired of wasting money on well known brands for it not to work. This detangle spray and brush set is a little miracle. Normally when brushing her hair it's so knotty and we have tears and tantrums with her as she hates her hair been done but this time around it was totally different. I put the spray on after her bath as normal but the brush just glided straight through her hair.... no messing around and not at all knotty. It left her hair so smooth and she even liked it too as it smelt of apples! The fragrance of this detangling spray is really fruity and the brush is made out of rubber coating so it makes the brushing better to handle. I can't wait to buy some products from this company as I think it's fab that we now have no more tears.... thank you so much mini-u for kids.

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    2018-11-10 16:07:49
  • View of a bottle of dynamite detangling spray in a white bottle with orange designs

    Dynamite Detangler Spray 250ml (£4.99)

    I was recommended your product for my daughters really hard to handle hair. She has such long and thick hair that hair washing can become such a hard task for both me and my daughter. I was given a detangling brush and detangling spray I couldn’t believe it, it was a miracle no knots at all! I couldn’t believe it I’ve never ever had such a nice experience washing and brushing my daughters hair, and I think she would agree! To tears just smiles! And lovely silky hair! Thank you so much, for making wash hair nights a happier time together From a very happy mum and daughter!

    Kind regards Morgan.

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    2018-10-19 12:17:40

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