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Which hair products are safe for kids?

Last month at Mini U, we celebrated National Children’s Month and discussed how you can support your child’s development by encouraging messy play at bath times. Whilst having fun is one of the most important things in the tub, it’s also crucial to remember that there’s plenty of safety tips to consider too. In a previous blog, we helped you choose the safest bath-time products possible for your little one, including using bath-safe toys, non-slip mats, and child-friendly bath bombs. But what about when it comes to hair products? We have compiled together our top tips for choosing the best child-friendly hair products for bath and shower times.

Don’t cut corners!

After a busy day, bath and shower times can sometimes feel like a tiring task, especially if your little one isn’t in the mood. However, even if you’re pushed for time, don’t be tempted to cut corners! For example, make sure you spend enough time rinsing shampoo and conditioner out of your child’s hair and don’t be tempted to use adult products. Children’s hair requires a gentler formula with ingredients specially made for young ones. For example, our no-tears formula to prevent those tears and tantrums! Or, if you’re looking for something that hydrates the hair, try our Honey Cream Conditioner.

Don’t forget the styling products

Once you’ve got into the habit of checking the ingredients of your shampoo and conditioner products, don’t forget your styling products too! Everything from styling balms to sprays can all include nasty ingredients too. If you want to style your child’s hair, opt for a gentle formula, like our Styling Balm, a paste with no-nonsense or nastiness!

Read the label

When choosing products to use on your child’s hair, make sure to look out for the ingredients to ensure they are as natural as possible. Sadly, many products out there contain nasty ingredients which over time, can be harmful. Check the label to ensure that the hair product doesn’t contain parabens. These are preservatives used to extend the shelf-life of products, and it’s best to avoid them! Our hair products at Mini U are naturally derived and free from harsh detergents, meaning there is less lathering when you rub it into your child’s hair.

Don’t overdo it!

Whilst it’s tempting to squirt a large amount of product out at shower time, remember that less is more! When you go to apply the product to your child’s hair, you only need a small amount of shampoo or conditioner to do the job. Not only does this mean your products will last longer, but it is also important for young ones’ hair which is often very fine. Hair washing is also not necessary every day! In particular, if your child has thin and wispy hair, conditioning the ends every other time may also be sufficient to keep their hair soft and moisturised.

If you need any advice for the best hair products for your child or would like to browse our range of child-safe products, get in touch today – we’d love to hear from you!

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