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What To Put In A Christmas Stocking

The Christmas countdown has begun, and Santa’s little helpers – we mean parents and guardians rather than elves! – will start thinking about which goodies will appear under the tree this year. Along with mince pies for Santa and a carrot for the reindeer, hanging up your Christmas stocking is a cherished part of the festive rituals of Christmas Eve. We love seeing our children’s faces light up when they race downstairs to see what Father Christmas has filled their stockings with!

The tradition of Christmas stockings dates back centuries, and although the contents have changed a little, there are certain items that still appear annually. Years ago, oranges were a rare exotic treat, and children would scramble to retrieve them from the bottom of their stockings. Now that they’re more commonplace, you might want to substitute them with the chocolate variety! Children were warned that if they’d been naughty, they’d wake up to a stocking filled with coal instead of festive treats. 

We’re definitely not that mean, and try to fill our stockings with a combination of treats each year. Some ideas for stocking fillers for kids include:

  • Books for bedtime
  • Socks, gloves and other small clothing items
  • Pens, pencils and colouring bits
  • New pyjamas 
  • Puzzles and games to play together
  • Sweet treats to keep hunger at bay until the dinner is ready 

Mini U has some wonderful goodies that make excellent stocking fillers this Christmas. Our six-pack of fantastically fizzy bath bombs fill your tub with fun and there might even be a special surprise hidden inside. We love the yummy fruity fragrances and the fact that they won’t leave a messy tub for us to scrub afterwards – isn’t Christmas stressful enough already? Just pop them into your bath and let the fun begin. 

Older children can take it a step further and create their own bathtime treats with our Create Your Own Bath Bomb kit. It’s a lot easier than you’d think, and an ideal way to spend a wintery afternoon. We include everything that you’ll need to get started, and children will love mixing up their own creations using skin-friendly ingredients. 

Although they smell like our sweet shop favourites, Mini U bubble baths are for bath time, not snack time! Their gentle, foaming formula is designed to cleanse and moisturise all skin types. Choose between scrumptious Sparkling Strawberry Bubble Bath and Raspberry Bubblegum Bubble Bath. Or grab one of each!

Creative kids will love getting artistic at bathtime with their own Bath Crayons. They’re entirely plastic-free and mess-free, and they won’t stain your bathroom (or your child!). Each pack contains six colours and will wipe away easily after each bath.

Check out the entire Mini U bathtime range for more festive inspiration.

We’d love to hear about your Christmas traditions, and what makes it into your stocking this year.

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