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Tips To Make Bath Time More Fun

After a busy day of living, learning and growing, bathtime is often the first step towards winding down and looking forward to a good night’s sleep. Some children will dash straight into the bubbles every night, whereas others can take a bit more tempting to get into the tub. Mini U aims to make bathtime one of the best times of the day for you and your children, so here are a few tips to make bathtime more fun. 

First things first, we want to make sure that the bath is at a comfortable temperature for little ones. The recommended temperature for babies and small children is 37-38 degrees Celcius, which should feel warm but comfortable on your elbow or wrist. For added peace of mind, you can pick up a floating bath thermometer.

Arguably the most important element of a bath is bubbles, adored by adults and children alike. There’s something truly irresistible about towers of snowy white foam – perfect for making impromptu Santa beards or wacky hairstyles. Just add our Sparkling Strawberry or Raspberry Bubblegum Bubble Bath to running water and you’ll be rewarded with a bounty of bubbles. Kids will have a great time playing with their toys in the colourful bubbly water.

Bath toys are another way to bring more fun to bathtime. As well as the traditional rubber ducks and stacking cups, mix it up by adding other hard plastic toys into the bath. Avoid anything that can trap water inside, as this can cause mould and other nasties. Why not try bringing your child’s favourite doll into the bath, so they can practice keeping them squeaky clean?

Budding artists will love unleashing their creative streak with our Bath Crayons. Each packet contains six colourful crayons – just add imagination! Draw storybook scenes together on the tiles, practice your spellings or play a bathtime game of noughts and crosses. As an added bonus for parents, all of these temporary masterpieces can be easily washed away after you pull the plug, without staining your bath (or child!).

Bathtime is a brilliant time for a singalong. Try some of your childhood favourites like Row, Row, Row Your Boat or have a look on YouTube for some more ideas. If you’re not over-enamoured with your singing voice, pick up a waterproof wireless speaker instead. 

Check out Mini U’s bathtime section to see our whole range of products designed to make your little one’s bath more fun. Keep an eye out for our Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale, when you can get 25% off everything on our site! 

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