Sensitive Skin Bath Products For Your Holidays

Sensitive Skin Bath Products You Should Remember When Packing For Your Holidays

If you or a family member have sensitive skin, it’s always worth packing your own toiletries when you’re travelling. There’s nothing worse than showing up at your destination and not finding anything suitable in the local shops! However, packing for every eventuality doesn’t always bode well for the luggage scales. At Mini U, we’ve got everything you need to ensure that your holiday runs smoothly – whatever your skin type – hopefully leaving enough room in your bag to bring home some souvenirs!

Mini U Miniatures Travel Kit

Three of Mini U’s family favourites are now available in a special travel-sized trio, perfect for holidays. You’ll find everything you need to help children cleanse, moisturise and smell fragrant from head to toe in convenient 100ml bottles, suitable for hand luggage. Our Mini U Miniatures Travel Kit includes Honey Cream Shampoo, Honey Cream Conditioner and Tropical Berries Hair & Bodywash, packaged together in a handy reusable wash bag – perfect for stashing wet swimwear on the way back from the pool.

Golden Grapefruit Hand Wash

It’s important to maintain good hand hygiene on holiday, so we recommend bringing your own hand wash. You can be confident that it’s washing away any nasty dirt and bacteria without worrying about it irritating sensitive skin. As well as smelling delicious, Golden Grapefruit Hand Wash is enriched with vitamin E to protect the skin. It can also double up as a detergent for hand washing your clothes.

Fresh Apple Detangling Spray

Sea water, heat and humidity take their toll on everyone’s hair and can result in significant damage. We recommend keeping long hair tied up when playing in the water and detangling nightly, even if tired children disagree! Using a rich conditioner and a wide-toothed comb at bathtime can help to ease knots gently, and we recommend following up with Fresh Apple Detangling Spray. Spritz our children’s detangling spray evenly throughout damp hair and gently comb from the ends to the roots to remove any persistent tangles. It’s also great for freshening up your hair and making it smell great on the go.

Fizzy Plops

Fizzy Plops aren’t just an effective way of enticing your children into the bath – they could also be your secret weapon for maintaining potty training in a new environment. Drop a plop of your choice into the toilet and you’ll be rewarded with brightly coloured water as if by magic!

Crayons & Clouds Gift Set

At the end of the day, it can be difficult to convince children to leave the pool or kid’s club and head back to get ready for bed. It’s worth packing a few little treats for times like this, and this beautifully packaged set contains Mini U’s mess and plastic-free Bath Crayons and mystical Cloud Bath Bombs, for a fantastically colourful bath time which is gentle on young sensitive skin. Any of our other children’s bath bombs are worth bringing along too!

We hope this helps you pack smarter for your next family adventure. What are your holiday Mini U must haves?

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