Keeping kids entertained with our bath time routine tips and tricks! - Mini U

Keeping kids entertained with our bath time routine tips and tricks!

With half term upon us, kids are cheering, yet parents across the country are left thinking about the same question. How will we keep the kids entertained? Mini U are on hand to save the day with some good clean fun! Find our list of tips, tricks and some of our favourite bath time products to add a splash of fun to your evening routine.

Tips and Tricks

Including bath time as part of the bedtime routine is the best way to relax children in preparation for drifting off to sleep. Bathing your babes before bed can help to establish the structure and routine that school brings, that kids may be lacking throughout the half term period.

Bath time is a great way for busy parents to set aside half an hour, as part of the day where your child has your undivided attention. This everyday task can be transformed in to your child’s favourite time of the day, a time to splash around the tub together. The introduction of our new sea life characters, such as Bertie the Bubble Turtle on our Sparkling Strawberry Bubble Bath makes it easy to get your imagination flowing for a tub full of fun.

Products to add a splash of fun

The secret to children who love bath time, is bath bombs! In fact, that goes for both adults and children alike. Our stunningly formulated Cloud Bath Bombs are derived from natural and vegan friendly ingredients so you don’t have to worry about what goes into your tub. The hardest part of bath time will be getting your little ones out of the bath!

Another one of our fantastic products that encourage children to look forward to jumping into the tub are our colourful Bath Crayons. Double up and let children use their bath time to practice their ABCs, or watch them express their inner Picasso!

To extend the fun to outside of the tub, try our Create Your Own Bath Bomb Kit. This kit provides the perfect activity for kids on half term to create their very own fizzy fun. Not only does our kit mean children can spend time experimenting with their own creation, but they also get to look forward to using their specially designed bath bomb when they later jump in the tub!

Instead of thinking of bath time as a tedious daily task, reinvent it as designated time to have some good clean fun, and watch how both you and your children look forward to it! Browse our full range of Bath Time Products to find something just right for you and your little cherubs!

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