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How to Manage Curly Hair

Curly hair is gorgeous! But it can prove to be a challenge for parents to manage, especially if your hair texture is different. A lot of parents who do not have curly hair themselves can become overwhelmed with where to start when it comes to managing curly hair, which is why we have put together this guide to provide some tips for managing your little one’s curls.

Embrace the curls!

Instead of trying to tame your little ones curls, learn to embrace them! Curly Carly brings you our Wild Berry Curl Activator to enhance natural ringlets and curls, adding bounce while smoothing all of those fluffy flyaways! This product is a holy grail for children’s hair; with its delicious blueberry scent it’ll leave hair looking, feeling and smelling scrumptious!  Top tip: Try gently blow drying the hair with a diffuser for that extra volume and definition of curls. We recommend using a cold or low heat setting for little heads, to prevent damage to sensitive scalps and hair.

Make combing stress free

When it comes to curly hair, brushing when dry can be painful. A normal hairbrush is often not the right tool for brushing through hair, so selecting a suitable comb is essential. Try our Fresh Apple Detangling Spray for a helping hand, or 8 from Teaser Teresa the Octopus! Spritz through damp hair when gently combing for a silky smooth brushing experience. Our Detangler helps to take out the knots and stress out of brushing hair, as the natural formula prevents tugs.

Hydration is key

Curly hair typically dries out a lot more than other hair textures, this is why it is important to use a nourishing but lightweight conditioner. It is essential to choose a conditioner that hydrates but does not weigh the curls down, so we have formulated our Honey Cream Conditioner to be exactly that. Our conditioner is derived from natural ingredients and suitable for vegans, ensuring the whole family can enjoy our product.

Top tip from Silky Sheila the Seal: Leave our nourishing moisturiser on the hair whilst bathing! This helps to allow the ingredients to penetrate the hair, then rinse before your little one hops out of the tub!

Wash less frequently

As curly hair is often drier than most textures, this means it requires less frequent washing. Over-washing curls can result in removing the natural oils and leaving curls looking flat and brittle. Typically, it is ideal to wash curly hair between 1-2 times per week, however this is just a guideline as the optimal wash frequency varies from person to person.  Try our Honey Cream Shampoo, formulated to wash away everyday dirt, without drying out curly locks due being free from harsh chemicals. We hope our top tips and products for managing your little one’s curly hair. If you try any of our amazing products, please let us know by leaving us a review on our site. Alternatively, tag us in your pictures on @miniuforkids, as we would love to see how our products have transformed your little one’s curls!

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