How To Make Bathtime Fun For Everyone, Parents Included!

How To Make Bathtime Fun For Everyone, Parents Included!

At Mini U, we believe that bathtime can be the best time of the day for parents and children. That’s why we’ve created our unique range of children’s bath bombs and skin-friendly toiletries that are loved by the whole family. We understand that bathtime can be stressful in some households, so we’ve put together some ideas that’ll hopefully lead to everyone enjoying bubbles, games and smiles while the kids get cleaned up.

Get ready for the fun

Make sure your bathroom is child-ready before you turn on the tap – you’ll thank us for this later. Banish your lovely scented candles and luxury bath oils to somewhere they won’t be knocked off by excitable little ones and make sure you have everything you need to hand.

Young children should never be left unattended in water so make sure that you’ve got everything you need for after the bath too – warm towels, snuggly PJs, skincare and hair styling products.

Schedule it

Ok, this doesn’t sound like fun from the outset, but it can help children who aren’t fans of bathtime. By scheduling in their baths around other activities that they prefer – perhaps an episode of their favourite cartoon, playing a game or storytime – it can be viewed as part of a more enjoyable routine.

Incorporate fantasy play

Your child is a superhero, who can bathe, wash their hair, get their pyjamas on and get into bed at superhuman speed! Or they’re a shipwrecked mermaid who needs to return to the bubbly ocean to relax and restore before their next adventure. Is a hungry crocodile ready to snap up all the bubbles? Let your imagination run wild! 

Stock up on bath bombs

We have found that even reluctant bathers absolutely love seeing bath bombs fizzing and whirring around the tub. We’re experts in child-friendly bath bombs and have created a range of colourful fizzy bathtime treats that kids love. Our Rainbow Cloud Bath Bombs look like they jumped straight off TikTok, leaving a vibrant rainbow trail across the water. If rainbows aren’t your thing, we’ve got moons, stars, rockets and more.

And don’t worry, the colour won’t become a permanent feature of your bath as it washes away when you pull the plug!

Bring on the toys!

Children who equate bathtime with playtime are far more likely to look forward to that time of the day. There are thousands of bath toys on the market to suit every taste and budget, and it’s also an excellent opportunity to recycle bits and pieces from around the house, such as old plastic bottles and beakers. Keep your plastic bath toys clean with a regular scrub to prevent any mould from forming.

For budding creatives, our plastic-free Bath Crayons allow children to write, draw and colour to their heart’s delight, without their parents fretting over how they’ll clean the tiles. Older children can practise spelling and enjoy word games like Hangman at the same time as getting squeaky clean.

We hope this has given you some ideas to make bathtime more fun. Check out our full range of bathtime products and let us know which Mini U goodies are your favourites.

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