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Easter Fun With Mini U

With the Easter break, May half-term and the Summer holidays looming between now and July, many parents across the country are left considering how they can keep the kids entertained during their many school breaks. Often, nearly as soon as the time off has begun, you hear the dreaded cry of; ‘Mummy/Daddy, I’m bored…’

However, fear no more! Mini U is on hand with some good, clean fun, and we’ve put together some interactive, and low-cost ideas, of how to keep your little ones entertained with their favourite bath time products, this Easter break!

Idea 1 | Create Your Own Bath Bomb

For an easy project which kids will love, why not extend the fun to outside of the tub, and join Fizzy Phil the Pufferfish to Create Your Own Bath Bomb. Created with kind-to-the-skin ingredients including Sodium Bicarbonate and Citric Acid, this kit provides the perfect activity for kids on half term, to create their very own fizzy fun. Not only does our kit mean children can spend time experimenting with their own creation, but they also get to look forward to using their specially designed bath bomb when they later jump in the tub!

Idea 2 | Bath Bomb – 6 Pack

Bath time is not just about getting clean, but it’s another chance for fun and games before bedtime, so why not surprise your little one, with a Bath Bomb Gift Set. Fill your bath to a perfect temperature, drop your bath bomb into the bath water, and watch it fizz and release a sponge toy inside. Not only are our Bath Bomb for kids great entertainment, they make a fun and quirky sugar-free gift for your little ones who can’t or won’t eat traditional chocolate, this Easter.

Idea 3 | Bath Bombs

Kids bath time can be a relaxing experience for many, so why not tell a story, sing a song, or make a rhyme, as another fun way of help your little one learn and develop outside of the classroom. Use our Cloud Bath Bomb, Mermaid Bath Bomb or Rocket Bath Bomb, to help them explore their imagination and keep them entertained, as they accompany your tub-side tale as props. Derived from natural and vegan friendly ingredients, you don’t have to worry about what goes into your tub, you’ll just have to worry about getting your little ones out!

Idea 4 | Bath Crayons

Another one of our fantastic products that entertain and encourage children to look forward to jumping into the bath are our colourful Bath Crayons. Be drawn into a world of fun with these totally plastic and mess-free crayons which won’t stain their skin or the bath, easily washing away when bathtime is over. Not only that, double up and let children use their crayons during bath time to practice their ABCs or watch them express their inner Picasso!

Idea 5 | Upcycle & Recycle with Mini U

With Earth Day being celebrated on 22nd April, why not teach your little one a fun way of demonstrating support for environmental protection, by using your Mini U empties as part of an arts and crafts activity. Whether you use the empty bottle of our Bubble Bath to create a pen holder, our Green Bath Bomb box to make a garden bird house or our Fizzy Plop container to make a piggy bank, let your little ones imagination run wild as they do their bit for the environment and re-purpose their favourite Mini U products.

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