Back To School: Tips & Children’s Bathtime Essentials with Mini U

Back To School: Tips, Tricks & Children’s Bathtime Essentials with Mini U

With the back-to-school season just around the corner, it’s time to gear up for a smoother transition from lazy summer days to the school routine with the help of having Children’s Bathtime Essentials. And what better way to prepare than by ensuring that your little one’s bathtime routine is as enjoyable and stress-free as possible? Mini U has essential tips, tricks, and product recommendations to make bathtime a breeze during this busy time of the year.

Ease yourself back into a routine

Consistent routines can provide a sense of stability for our children during periods of change. Try to set a specific time for bathtime and stick to it as closely as possible. This predictability can help your child transition from their after-school activities to a relaxing bathtime experience.

Plan ahead

Back to school can be an expensive time of year, with everything they need for the upcoming school year. We recommend starting early with the things that won’t be affected if they have a summer growth spurt – stationery, school bags, lunch boxes, etc. To help lighten the load, Mini U has 20% off our full range for a limited time only

Keep it clean

A new school year can unfortunately mean a whole new selection of germs. Keep hands sparklingly clean with our award-winning Golden Grapefruit Hand Wash. It smells delicious and will hopefully wash away any nasties.

Make bathtime more fun!

Getting kids excited about bathtime can be a breeze with some fun bath toys, and they can be educational as well. We love handing over some Bath Crayons and asking little ones to show us what they learned at school that day. We also love simply washing away their art after bath time – no scrubbing required!

Children’s Bathtime Essentials

Encourage independence

When you’re taking those annual back-to-school photos, you might notice just how much growing they’ve done over the last year! As your child gets older, encouraging independence will help them to flourish. During bathtime, let them choose their bath products and allow them to wash themselves under your supervision. They’ll love choosing from our growing collection of children’s bath bombs

Talk to your children

Although this is typically a very exciting time some children may experience anxiety about returning to school. Bath time is the perfect time to talk to little ones about anything that could be troubling them, away from electronics and other distractions. Better communication can help to ease the transition.

We hope that our tips will help to make this the best September ever. Here’s to a successful school year filled with happy, bubbly bath times and endless smiles!

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