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Which bath products are safe for children?

Children in bath using bath bombs for kids

Bath time can be a fun time for families and act as a great way to bond. From bubbles to toys, there are so many ways to turn bath time into a fun game rather than a chore. However, poorly chosen bath time additions can sometimes be hazardous to your child. With this in mind, we’ve put together our top things to consider when choosing a safe bath product for your little one.

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Natural ingredients

The most important step when choosing bath products for your child is to look at the ingredients. Children’s skin is more sensitive than adults’, meaning that the products you use for yourself might be irritating for your little one. For young children, natural ingredients offer the same fresh cleanse but avoids using abrasive chemicals. We are proud to say that all of our bathtime products are paraben-free and contain no sodium laureth sulphates (SLES), meaning they are completely safe for your child.

Soft fragrances

Scent plays a large role in bath time – even as an adult. But some fragrances can also be a risky addition. Strong fragrance can be overwhelming for young children, especially if it is not a pleasant scent. Artificial fragrances can also be irritating on the skin and respiratory systems – especially if your child has a condition like eczema or asthma. With this in mind, we make our products with softer scents and fragrances, making them non-irritable and perfect for children.

Gentle formula

Bath time is always fun until your child gets shampoo in their eyes! While painful and irritating, detergents in some shampoos can also sometimes cause damage to your child’s eyesight. It is important to choose a bath product that is mild enough to not be irritating if it does get into contact with their eyes. All Mini-U products are made using our gentle formula, meaning there’s no risk of bath-time tantrums.


Coloured water makes bathtimes exciting. However, the horror when you drain the water and find that your bath and child is stained is far from pleasant. When choosing coloured bath products, it’s important to check that the ingredients and colours do not leave stains. All our products wash and wipe away easily, making bathtime more enjoyable for everyone! Our Cloud Bath Bomb is the perfect way to brighten bath-time safely. Simply pop the cloud in your bath and watch the explosion of rainbow colour erupt from the cloud!

Safe toys

Toys add a fun element to bath time, but it’s important to check whether your toys are age-appropriate. The best option is to opt for larger toys with no removable parts that a child could swallow. We always recommend regularly checking and cleaning your child’s bath toys. With these safety points in mind, toys are a great addition to bath time. With a hidden toy sponge inside, our Bang Fizzy Whizz bath bombs are the perfect way to add excitement to bath time.

Bath bombs from Mini-u

Choosing the right products for your child’s bath is always a worthwhile task. With our no-tears formula, soft scents and natural colouring, bath times have never been safer. Browse our child-friendly bath products and follow us on Instagram at @miniuforkids today!