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Top kids’ hair products to remember on holiday

The summer is now well upon us, and many of us are heading away for some well-deserved holiday time. Whether you are getting on a plane and heading somewhere exotic, or you’re off camping for the weekend, remembering some important hair care tips for your kids is always worthwhile. The combination of sun, salt, sand, or even blustery British winds can be a recipe for unruly frizz and flyaway ends. With this in mind, we have put together our top kids’ hair products to remember in the suitcase, to help keep those locks under control this summer.

Hydrating shampoo and conditioner

One of the most important hair care essentials this summer is a shampoo and conditioner that is going to nourish and moisturise your little one’s locks. Ensure that you choose child-friendly, sulphate-free formulas that aim to moisturise and soften. The sun can dry hair out, and chlorine-ridden pools can be particularly damaging. After a day out in the sand or sea, rinse your child’s hair thoroughly and apply our Moisture Mania Shampoo and Conditioner to restore strength and shine. What’s more, both products smell of refreshing watermelon: the perfect scent to accompany the summer months!

Kids’ hair styling products

If you are headed somewhere hot, don’t forget the styling balms and sprays! According to science, humidity in the air causes each hair strand to swell slightly, leading to a frizzy texture when it dries again. For this reason, kids’ hair styling products are more important than ever in the summer.

After a day playing in the sun, tangles are inevitable. If you are dealing with knotty, frizzy strands, try spraying our Dynamite Detangler through damp hair and comb through without the drama!  Applying any child-friendly styling product to holiday hair post-wash will likely be worthwhile rather than leaving it to knot and tangle. If your little one has curly locks, add some moisture and shine with our Curly Locks Curl Activator.

Detangling hairbrushes

A crucial item on your checklist is a child-friendly hairbrush. Whatever the season, opt for a soft-bristled, flexible brush that won’t tug or snag on fine hair. This is particularly important in the summer when those locks are more likely to be knotted from salty water. Here at Mini-U, we love designing products specifically for little ones, and we always recommend getting your child their own brush rather than sharing. This is because an adult’s hair is often stronger than a child’s, and brushes can be harsher. If space is tight in the suitcase, reach for our travel-friendly hairbrushes: they are compact, easy to carry and your child will love having to pack their toiletries themselves! Right now, our travel kits have 50% off, so be sure to pick up yours today

Don’t forget adult haircare too!

It’s in our name that Mini-U is for kids! But don’t neglect your adult hair care on holiday too. Children learn best by example, so putting time into your hair routine will teach your child the importance of caring for their hair. Be sure to protect your adult hair from the elements like the sea or pool by using products that lock in moisture and control breakage. Hair oils such as Original Sprout’s Tahitian Hair Oil is infused with coconut to keep your hair smelling tropical, whilst shielding you from damage at the same time.

With these handy tips, you can savour the rest of the summer, whilst keeping your child’s hair protected and hydrated. Alongside using child-friendly hair products, be sure to book your child in for a summer haircut to keep their ends fresh and healthy. Discover more hair care tips that apply all year round, and browse our wide range of child-friendly hair products, bath bombs for kids, and more at Mini-U today.