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The Mini-U Bath Bomb Story

You know how the saying goes “Time flies when you’re having fun!” Indeed it does!

Mini-U Bath-time has already celebrated it’s 1st birthday and like any new enterprise we are always looking to grow and for us that means bringing our customers even more bath time inspiration.
Meet the bath bombs in slider-01
The Mini-U bath bomb family started out with our 3 fun characters, Bang Fizzy POW bath bomb for Super Heros, Bang Fizzy WOW Bath bomb for Princesses and Bang Fizzy Whizz bath bomb for Whizz kids. Our popular trio are created with different scents and colours, and include a hidden sponge toy surprise; and we guarantee the element of surprise because we change the sponge toy with every batch!.

Due to popular demand, we decided the family needed some new members so we quickly set to work on the creation of new recipes and characters to join the crew. Time to introduce…


To say our new friends have been a hit would be an understatement; our Little Monkey and Mini Monster have been whizzing around baths all over the UK, adding fun and laughter to bath time adventures leaving no room for any more boring bath times!

Remember to check our great bumper Bath Bomb packs which are a perfect party bag filler and mean you can save money too!


We are always looking at new ideas for the Mini-U Bath time collection and have plenty more ideas up our sleeve for 2015, so as we like to say “Watch this space”

Got any ideas for us? We’d love to hear them, please feel free to add your comments below.

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