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Mini-U’s day of filming revealed

2015 is well and truly here and we are expecting a great year with Mini-U for kids!

If you missed the action, at the end of last year Mini-U Bathtime became stars for the day, along with our fabulous actors Rosie, Betsy, Sam and Jacob.

The actors


Mini-U set up a film studio for the day in the very lovely Lainston House hotel and had some great fun filming our new Mini-U production.

The aim: to show off the Mini-U bathtime collection in all its glory, allowing consumers to better understand the products and see how kids can enjoy their bathtime experience more than ever before!

Screenshot 2015-01-14 11.20.27 Screenshot 2015-01-14 11.20.51

Our film crew came equipped with some very cool slow motion cameras enabling us to catch the explosions of colour and action produced by fizzing bath bombs, bath paint soaps and bubbles.

Thanks to our great little models who captured the fun, laughter and excitement that children experience through Mini-U Bathtime for kids.

We are delighted with the finished results and can’t wait to release the video to our stores and salons across the UK.

For all those that missed our video launch just follow the link below and watch the action unfold…..


Comments are always welcome, we would love to hear your feed back!

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Old head baby head-01



All parents love to talk about their babies and here at the Mini-U hangout, we are no exception. We often find ourselves chatting proudly about any one of our Mini-U family members, sometimes singing the praises of our Curly Locks Activator and Dynamite Detangler for kids whose hair tends to ‘walk on the wild side’ or maybe just enjoying the massive fun factor of our creative and colourful Dunk & Doodle family.



Anyway, we really feel like shouting it from the rooftops, but the downside of that is that most of you won’t be able to hear us! So, we have hatched a clever plan to show the wider world just how much fun our Mini-U family can bring into your bathroom. Now you don’t have to just take our word for it because you’ll be meeting the whole family on the big screen (we’re not talking Hollywood here though.. more a small screen debut) in a new full-colour, action-packed mini-movie starring the whole of the Mini-U family. Every product from our bathtime family gets a chance to show off their unique skills and undeniable fun factor, leaving you in no doubt about what they’ve got to offer you and your kids..sometimes words are just not enough, you need the ‘lights, camera, action!’ touch to really bring something to life.

Such an exciting video project deserved an exciting location, and you can’t get much better than the beautiful Lainston House Hotel for our filming location. We felt this was the perfect venue, with the biggest bathroom and bath tub I have ever seen, making it the ideal back drop for our bathtime divas! lh hero gallery


We have teamed the dream location up with the fantastic skills and expertise of our film crew Parkes Productions to produce a short, bright, colourful and engaging film to inform and entertain you, the customer.

With a growing list of retailers supporting the brand in stores across the UK and world, we would now like to offer customers a better understanding of the Mini-U bathtime brand. Mini-U will endeavor to place video screens in all our stores, an ideal solution for sharing our new, fun film.

Of course we don’t want anyone to miss out on the fun so we’ll be sharing this new fun video across our social media platforms. So keep your eyes peeled, because our adorable Mini-U characters will be coming alive on a screen near you soon!

Bye for now





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Mini-U teams up with Southampton Hospital Charity

For some time now the team at Mini-U has wanted to get involved in a charity that directly benefits children and with so many wonderful and deserving charities out there, it has been difficult decision.

14168884722_8fb662dda2_zFor us, the deciding moment came a few weeks ago, as were were heading home along the M27, relaxed and happy from a wonderful family day out. The wailing sirens of a passing ambulance from the Southampton Children’s Intensive Care Unit jolted us from our comfortable reality and we reflected on the fact that someone’s child was in that ambulance and our hearts reached out to their famliy, even though we’d probably never know who they were.

To our horror, a few minutes later we saw the ambulance for a second time, and this time it was pulled up on the hard shoulder of the motorway which meant only one thing – the child inside required immediate medical assistance. My blood turned cold and the hairs on my arms stood up; someone’s child was in that ambulance with their little life in the balance and here we were just driving by feeling powerless.

Following this incident we knew in our hearts that we’d found the charity that we’d been looking for and we’re now committed to doing our very best to raise funds for the Southampton Hospital Children’s Ward through charity events and other initiatives in the coming months.


imgres-1Southampton Hospital Charity aims to enhance the world class facilities provided at Southampton General and the Princess Ann Hospitals by University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust.

University Hospital Southampton provides services to some 1.3 million people living in Southampton and South Hampshire plus specialist services including neurosciences, cardiac services and children’s intensive care to more than 3 million in central southern England and the Channel Islands.

The charity funds projects go towards improving the environment for patients to make there stay in hospital as comfortable as possible, so important to small children


We look forward to keeping you updated with details of fundraising events and hope that you will support us in our efforts.

That’s all for now.. Caroline