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Back to school bedtime routines for your Little Monkeys


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Despite a welcome sigh of relief that the summer break is over and a return to normality (aka ‘the predictable school routine’) is just around the corner, for most parents this transition time is bitter-sweet. Whilst longing for time for yourself and a break from juggling work and childcare, we now have to relinquish lazy mornings and fun family days out or rainy afternoons snuggled up at home. Of course life seems more chaotic without the school routine and the pressure to constantly devise suitable entertainment for our children can be exhausting, but our homes are going to feel awfully quiet once the new term starts. One moment the summer is stretching out invitingly before us and then in the blink of an eye our little ones are back in uniforms and dragging their feet to school.

As a parent, one of my greatest challenges has been successfully negotiating bedtime issues and surviving, for the most part, in a sleep-deprived state!

P6162377My daughter Rosie has never been a great sleeper; as a baby she would feed every 2 hours and as she grew her sleep pattern became more and more erratic. Being a light sleeper myself, not to mention a total soft touch when it comes to needs of my toddler, I would often find myself squished along the side of her tiny bed in a sleep-defying position in my attempts to maintain the household peace.

I was seriously at the end of my tether when we thankfully stumbled across some of the best and most effective advice on coping with sleep-related challenges. Following a few of these simple and actually quite obvious tips, we successfully tackled the issues that had plagued our bedtimes and for the first time in years started to enjoy blissful sleep once again.

Rosie, now aged 5, still has the occasional night of broken sleep, but with summer holidays coming to an end, the new challenge for us all is to get our back-to-school bedtime routine back in place. With long, light summer evenings and a relaxed attitude over the summer break, bedtime has got later and later, as I’m sure is the case for most families. A happy bedtime means a happy child, ready to take on an action packed day at school and so, with this in mind, here are some top tips from the experts on a calm bedtime routine and how to keep them in their own bed for the whole night!


Go to bed at the same time

Even though little children can’t tell the time, their bodies can. Going to bed at the same time every night helps them physically and mentally get  into a sleep routine. Although it can be tempting to change the routine at weekends and during the summer holidays, try to keep bedtime  consistent. Later bedtimes can make it hard for kids to change back to a normal schedule.

 Thank you to WebMD for these wise words of wisdom on the all important bedtime routine. For further great tips on all  things kids visit