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Styling your child’s hair with Mini-U

Young boy with spiky hair holding Mini U Go Balmy Styling Paste

There comes a time in a child’s life, where they want to try lots of different hair styles. Whether it’s a spiky look, or a fancy plait, kids love to try things out. Of course, this means parents are left to become a hair stylist! Here are our top tips and tricks for styling your little one’s hair. 

Thanks to Victoria on Instagram for this fab photo of her son enjoying our Styling Paste!

1. Prepare the hair

Before trying to style your child’s hair, it’s good to prepare their hair to be styled. It needs to be free from knots and tangles and well brushed through. Use a detangling spray such as our Dynamite Detangler and a styling brush that helps combat tangled hair such as our Pro Styler or Mini Styler. Give it a good brush through so it’s silky smooth, ready to be styled.

2. Use products that are gentle on hair and skin

Children have sensitive scalps and skin, and products that contain harsh chemicals can irritate this. Mini-U products contain no parabens, no SLS/SLES which are chemicals that have been proven to cause irritation to skin. Our Go Balmy Styling Paste contains no nasties and smells like gorgeous watermelon! Just a pea sized amount will help hold hair in place. 

3. Accessorise well 

Rubber hair bands and heavy clips can damage your little one’s hair by pulling and ripping. Use hair ties that have fabric coverings and clips and grips that don’t have any rough edges that may get caught on the hair. There is plenty to choose from to help accessorise such as ribbons, bows, braids and Alice bands. 

Of course, if styling fails, there’s always the opportunity to embrace natural hair! Our Curly Locks Curl Activator is great for kids with curls. It enhances natural ringlets and adds beautiful bounce.

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