Mini-U Pro Styler and Curl Activator Set


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Take advantage of our great new duo pack and receive 2 of your Mini-U favourites in one handy carry box!

Looking for the perfect duo to care for those beautiful curly locks?

First you have the brushing bit:

Included in the box is the Pro Styler hairbrush, perfect for wet, dry, thick, fine curly or straight hair.


Unlike most detangling brushes the Pro Styler is designed with thin, flexible bristles and an easy grip handle. The rubber coated easy grip handle allows the user to glide through styling without dropping the brush.

The Pro Styler design is thoughtfully created to reduce pain while brushing. The bristle flexibility makes the brush suitable for all hair types removing tangles and knots effortlessly.

The bristles are finished with soft tips to enhance circulation to the hair follicles. The soft tips combined with the padded cushion makes the brush gentle to the scalp with a massaging effect.  The Pro Styler soft tip flexible bristles will reduce the hair breakage and pain experienced from brushing.

  • Rubber coated easy grip handle
  • Super soft flexible bristles to glide through nuisance knots and tangles
  • High quality padded cushion provides a soft massaging feel to the scalp
  • Brush wet and dry hair with ease
  • Reduce hair breakage and pain
  • Available in 4 eye catching colours
  • Colour coded bristle tips and cushion

Then you have the styling bit:

This set includes our best selling Curly Locks, designed to enhance natural ringlets and curls, add bounce and smooth all those fluffy flyaway bits. Curly locks does not leave hair feeling crispy ADDED BONUS – This will keep your curls rocking come rain or shine.





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