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How do I detangle my child’s hair?

Many of us can relate to that feeling of dread when it comes to detangling your child’s hair. No matter how neatly styled your child’s hair is, an action-filled day of playing and running around is sure to make the knots return. What’s more, dealing with an impatient toddler whilst trying to de-knot those curls can make it a stressful process. Fortunately, detangling is our forte here at Mini-U! To make things easier, we have broken down our top 5 tips which are sure to take the stress out of shower-times.

1.      Pair a detangling spray with a good brush

To start the journey towards knot-free showers, investing in a good detangling spray is a great place to begin. These sprays are perfect to use for a quick brush-and-go before school or before the shower to get through those initial tangles. Detanglers such as our Dynamite Detangler can work wonders when used regularly to prevent knots building up over time. When brushing, avoid yanking or pulling: use a gentle brush with flexible bristles to glide through the hair without damaging. Alternatively, using a wide combed brush combined with an effective detangler means you can say goodbye to those hair-brushing tantrums!

2.      Use a gentle shampoo

It goes without saying to always use warm water when washing; this helps open the cuticles and makes hair easier to detangle. Using a hydrating shampoo like our Moisture Mania Shampoo will help to soften the hair while making it squeaky clean. Apply using your fingertips and massage slow-motion into the scalp. Working through small sections of hair at a time can also prevent the hair all knotting into a ball.

3.     Keep it trimmed and healthy

Keeping up with your child’s hair cuts is a really important factor to consider when it comes to detangling. We recommend getting your childrens’ hair cut every 4 weeks to keep those ends fresh and healthy. Keeping hair trimmed results in healthier hair growth which in turn reduces the tangles. It is important to get your child used to having their hair cut.

4.     Switch up your conditioner

If your little one’s hair is particularly knotty, consider reversing your usual shower routine! Applying a small amount of conditioner to the ends before applying shampoo helps to soften the hair before you start washing it properly. Conditioner is the most important step in your routine to make your child’s hair silky and soft. Our Moisture Mania Conditioner is great for all kinds of hair types that get into a knot. After rinsing out your conditioner, be sure to pat hair dry rather than rubbing – this can result in breaking strands and causing more troublesome knots!  

Child in bath with wet hair, mini-u shampoo and conditioner in forefront
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5.      Distraction is key!

Finally, detangling your child’s hair at shower or bath times does not have to be an ordeal! One of our best tips for the process is to keep your little one distracted. Luckily, we have an amazing range of bath bombs and liquid soaps which can turn your bath into a magical wonderland! Keeping your child preoccupied with exciting additions to the bath like our rainbow trail bath bomb will give you more time to spend on the tangles without rushing. Detangling will be over before they know it!

By keeping these tips in mind, detangling your child’s hair will soon become a much easier process! To explore our whole range of knot-friendly products at Mini-U, click here or get in touch with us today on 01489 781979.