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How bath bombs can transform your child’s bath

Orange fizzing bath bomb

Bored of trying to think of ways to liven up bath times for your little one? Look no further! Here at Mini-U, we think that child-friendly bath bombs might just be the answer – you can say goodbye to boring bath times. For parents out there who might think bath bombs might be messy or a waste of time – let us convince you otherwise! Child-friendly bath bombs are a great way to transform bath times and make them fun for you little one. By investing in bath bombs, you can say goodbye to tantrums in the bath whilst you try and detangle their hair (which, by the way, we have just the products for!) We have decided to break down how bath bombs can make encourage your child to enjoy bath times and make washing fun.

Add a splash of colour

When dropped into the water, bath bombs make a safe fizzing reaction, transforming the water before your eyes. Bath bombs can turn a boring bath into a magical wonderland for your child. What’s more, our selection of bath bombs is designed to change the colour of the water! Your child will love to watch the water turn into their choice of rainbow colours. When choosing your colour-changing bath bomb it’s important to ensure that it will not stain the tub or your little one’s skin. Our range of bath bombs contains no sodium laurel, Laureth sulphates or paraben, specifically designed for kids with softer colours and scents to avoid irritation.

Cloud Bath Bombs with Rainbow Trail

Let them choose  

Kids love being offered the chance to make choices for themselves. Allowing your child to pick their bath bomb is a great incentive to get them in the bath. Children love to feel independent and grown-up, and giving them the choice over their bath is sure to get them exciting to get in the tub – making your job a lot easier! Giving them the exciting task of choosing is also a great reward for good behaviour during the day.

Keep them occupied

A major advantage of child-friendly bath bombs is that they keep your child busy whilst you are trying to do those difficult hair washing or detangling tasks. Your child can sit there and watch the water fizzing and bubbling away – making your job easy! Alongside this, our bath bombs contain essential oils which are moisturising and release great smells, meaning your child will get out the bath even squeakier clean than normal!

Reward with a surprise!  

And now for the exciting part! Not only can bath bombs be a mesmerising sight for your little one in the bath, but our special range of bath bombs reveal a special sponge surprise after dissolving. Your little one can collect a selection of different shaped sponges. With the chance of a treat at the end of their bath, your child will be reinforced for their good behaviour sitting in the bath – it’s a win-win!