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Hair Care Tips for Kids

Before and after images of a childs hair with Mini U hair products at the front

Caring for kiddies’ hair might seem like a simple task – especially when it comes to your long list of parent priorities. Many of you might question: surely looking after my child’s hair can’t be as complicated as caring for my adult hair!? However, there are some important, basic things to remember with children’s hair care which are often overlooked. Here at Mini-U, we have offered our best advice for tending to your little ones’ locks.

Choose child-friendly products

When it comes to shower-time, make sure your shampoo and conditioner are formulated for kids. Although it’s easier to share the same hair products within one household, adult shampoos can be too harsh for your child’s hair. At Mini-U, our range of gentle shampoos and detanglers are sulphate-free, designed for children’s finer hair and help to make detangling a gentle process. For tips on how to detangle your child’s hair, read our recent blog here. Alongside hair-washing products, check-in on your brushes and combs. Rather than using an adult hairbrush on your little one, invest in a flexible, soft-bristled brush. This is sure to be a great investment in preventing hair from snagging during the brushing process.

Before and after using our detangling spray and brush
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Hold off on the daily washes

Naturally, the amount you wash your child’s hair depends on what they have been up to in the day: we all know that a day spent in the sandpit or covered in paint means that a hair wash is a must! However, daily hair washes can rid the hair of its natural oils: these oils produced by the scalp are important for keeping hair moisturized and strong. Therefore, it is recommended that washing your child’s hair 2 -3 times per week is plenty. That’s not to say that you should skip the daily bath-times! Check out our amazing bath-time products here.

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Keep up with the cuts

Taking your child to the hairdressers regularly is an all-important part of keeping their hair healthy. Getting regular trims removes split ends and reduces breakages, which in turn promotes healthy hair growth. Taking your little one on regular trips to the hairdressers around every 4 weeks means that they won’t feel daunted by the experience of getting their hair cut. That said, to prevent any tantrums or tears in the hairdressers, consider taking some books or toys with you to keep them occupied.

Turn down the heat

It’s no surprise that children’s hair, just like adults’, is susceptible to damage when over-exposed to heat. The simplest way to reduce heat damage is to leave your child’s hair to dry naturally after washing. If you do use a hairdryer, ensure that it is set to a low-level and use a heat protection spray beforehand. The heat from the sun can also be damaging to your little one’s hair when they are out playing in the summer. Therefore, double-checking you have thei sunhat packed before leaving for the beach is a must! Also on sunny days, avoid centre partings to reduce the chance of sunburn on the scalp.

Throw out the Ouchy hairbands!

We all want our child to look neat and tidy for school or playgroup. However, pulling their hair too tightly back when styling into plaits or pigtails can cause damage by snagging their ends – alongside feeling uncomfortable! Instead, slightly looser pigtails will tug less on those precious ends. Avoid using rubber bands or hair bands with metal bars – these can also cause breakages! There are an abundance of gentle metal-free hairbands and soft scrunchies available which are designed to be gentle on kiddies’ hair.

It’s all in the diet!

Last but not least, a healthy diet and healthy hair go hand-in-hand. If your child has a healthy, balanced diet, it will be reflected in the condition of their hair. It’s important to make sure your child is getting a range of nutrients from their food including proteins, vitamins and minerals. In particular, fatty acids like Omega 3 found in fish and iron-rich foods like spinach are great for promoting hair growth and keeping hair strong and shiny.

With these tips in mind, keeping your child’s hair healthy really couldn’t be simpler. Explore Mini-U’s selection of products which help keep little ones’ hair in the best condition or get in touch today.