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Get creative this spring: alternative Easter gift ideas

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Alternative Easter Gifts with Mini-U

As we head into April, the daffodils are blooming and little lambs are being born; spring is coming! This time of year, the shelves become stocked with Easter eggs, and there’s no doubt you have friends and family you love to buy eggs for at Easter. Everybody loves chocolate, but Easter gifts don’t just have to be edible. But how exactly can you get creative with Easter, rather than buying into the chocolate tradition as always? Here at Mini-U, we are all about creativity! Making your own alternative Easter gifts is a great activity to do with your little ones this spring. We have plenty of ideas for simple, fun Easter treats that can be made easily from the comfort of your home.

Egg painting

Hand-painted eggs make lovely gifts for friends and family. Handmade gifts offer a much more thoughtful touch rather than opting for classic chocolate eggs. All you need to do is hard boil your eggs, let them cool, and get creative! To paint the eggs, we recommend using acrylic paint as this covers the shell’s surface best. After painting, why not dip your eggs in glitter to give them some extra sparkle? And if you fancy continuing the painting fun, there are even more ways to get messy! Our colourful liquid soaps mean you can encourage your little one to draw their favourite Easter pattern. Even better, you can simply wash them away afterwards.

DIY Easter masks

There’s no better way to get into the Easter spirit than to make homemade Easter masks using different animal templates. Making colourful masks with your children is a great way to get imaginative. What’s more, Easter animal masks make lovely playful presents for younger friends and family members. All you need is some colourful card, scissors, and a length of elastic to tie the mask together. There are plenty of furry friends to choose from for your mask: bunnies, lambs, chicks, etc. To make things even easier, there are an abundance of mask templates to choose from online.

A hunt with a twist!

It wouldn’t be Easter without an Easter egg hunt! This year, why not switch up the stereotypical hunt by hiding different types of treasures? You could hide clues around the hunt which lead the children to a surprise treasure. Instead of hiding chocolate treats around your garden or home, you could surprise the hunters with special alternative treats at the end. Our travel-sized goodies make fantastic little treasures for little ones to find along the way. Or how about our bath bombs? It’s not all about chocolate!  

Easter baking

If you want to switch up from gifting the same old Easter egg chocolate, why not do some alternative Easter baking! Homemade sweet treats are the perfect way for your little ones to show friends and family they care. Why not try making Easter nests, or bunny biscuits? It’s easy to find easy-to-follow recipes online.  

As you can see, making Easter imaginative has never been simpler. Alongside these homemade suggestions, our wide range of bathtime treats for kiddies means you will never be stuck for alternative gift ideas. Make springtime special this year: browse our products and check out our Instagram.