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Fun activities to do with Mini-U bathtime!

Who can believe the summer holidays are almost here! With the amazing weather to enjoy, parents will be looking for ideas to keep the kids busy and happy.

If you’re familiar with the Mini-U collection then you’ll already know the FUN it can create at bath time!

However, have you considered the fun and games you can have outside with our award-winning bath products? Here are a few ideas to get you started….

  1. Colourful water play – Why not add a splash of colour to your summer paddling pool, add a Mini-U bath bomb, or 2, for colour and fizz! With the hidden sponge toy surprise inside little one’s with love their paddling time even more!

2) Imaginary play –It is a real treat to encourage your child’s imagination, it is fascinating to hear the ideas they can come up with, while using the smallest props! Why not try creating an outdoor village for their Barbies and Ken’s. Fill up an old washing up bowl, or plastic container with water. Plop in a Fizzy Plop water colour tablet and hay presto, Barbie and Ken just got a swimming pool!

3) Learn colours – Water play is a very fun way of helping to teach children their colours, as well as learning to mix colours! Again, the Fizzy Plops water colour tablets are perfect for introducing primary colours as well as colour mixing, plus they fizz into the water which kids LOVE!

4) Water fights – With all the hot weather we have been experiencing in the UK, children of all ages (even big kids, AKA Mum and Dad) will love a water fight to cool off! Why not ramp up the excitement and fill your balloon’s or water guns with coloured water for colourful explosions!

5) Summer painting – Kids love to paint, parents tend to hate the mess! With Mini-U Dunk and Doodle painting soaps everyone’s a winner! Find some old tiles to paint on, or let the kids paint each other (or YOU, if your really brave!) Then jump in the paddling pool and wash it all away! Our painting soaps will rinse easily of the skin and are gentle to the skin to avoid irritation!

These are just a few ideas to get you going, why don’t you see what the kids and come up with too, after all their imagination is uncapped and free!

We would love to see what ideas you can come up with this summer with Mini-U bathtime, Why not enter our summer competition to WIN a Mini-U bathtime bundle including all your favourite products!

To enter: Simply share a favourite photo or video to your followers on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, make sure you tag in Mini-U @miniuforkids with the #summerfuncompetition  Include the fun you have been having with the Mini-U bath time collection in the garden, be as imaginative as you like!

Before entering please read the terms and conditions below.

T&C: Photos and videos must not contain nudity of any kind. By sharing your photos and videos with Mini-U/ Rocami Ltd you are giving you are giving permission for Mini-U/ Rocami Ltd to use your photo or video  on their website and other social media platforms. Winners are chosen by Mini-U/Rocami Ltd and their decision  is final. Prizes can not be exchanged for a cash alternative. Internet connection and a UK delivery address are required. Closing date 28th August 2018.Winner will be announced 7-10 days after the closing date. 1x 1st place winner 2x runners up

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Here are some simple ideas to get you started…….

Good luck everyone, we can not wait to see your photos and videos!