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50% OFF Moisture Mania Shampoo

50 off-01Its the month of LOVE and to show we care we are offering a massive 50% off our Moisture Mania shampoo and Moisture Mania conditioner.

At £6.25 a bottle for 800ml of product this a real steal!

Don’t know much about our Moisture Mania shampoo then let me fill you in…

Our hydrating shampoo makes washing hair quick and simple with results that will get you singing in the shower!!

Our NO nasties NO nonsense mix is sulphate free making it gentle to those lovely twinkly eyes of yours, quick to rinse and easy to comb and will leave dull locks looking healthy, shiny and softer than your teddy bear..

DON’T FORGET РNo Sulphates means less lather when you do the head rubbing bit.

The Moisture Mania conditioner has a lightweight formula making conditioning hair quick and combing easy…

… NO more tangles Hooray!!

Moisture Mania shampoo and conditioner smells of refreshing Watermelon –¬† hmmmm good enough to eat – (but don‚Äôt eat it obviously!).






Don’t miss out on this fab February offer….



P.S Offer ends 29th Of February!

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New Product Launch for Mini-U bathtime!

6 pack front view websize


Our new 6 pack bath bomb has arrived!

We are very pleased to welcome another new addition to the Mini-U bathtime collection! After many requests for the family favourites to be sold as a set, here you have it, our 6 pack bath bombs!

Bringing the whole crew together in one bumper pack, this is a purchase that should keep everyone happy, even your wallet at just £7.99!




Bath characters-01Included in the box:
Bang Fizzy Whizz, Bath bomb for Whizz kids with a Kiwi scent (turns water green)
Bang Fizzy Pow, Bath Bomb for Super Heros with a Blueberry scent (turns water purple)
Bang Fizzy Wow, Bath Bomb for Princesses with a Melon scent (turns water pink)
Bang Fizzy Ping, Bath Bomb for Pingus with a Vanilla Scent (turns water white with Glitter!) SINGLE BOX COMING SOON
Bang Fizzy Boo, Bath Bomb for Mini Monsters with a Mango scent (turns water orange)
Bang Fizzy Split, Bath Bomb for little Monkeys with a Banana scent (turns water Yellow)



NO Sodium Laurel/Laureth Sulphates or Parabens
Fun & educational
Cleanses skin
With hidden sponge toy surprise in every bath bomb!
Does not stain the skin or bath

The pack bath bomb adds a splash of FUN to bathtime and is a great way to encourage kids into the bath.

If your looking for a chocolate free Easter then our 6 pack bath bomb makes the perfect alternative!

Shop Now Mini-U-bathtime-logo

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New creations for 2016

Prima Baby Awards


2016 seems to be getting of to a flying start, only half way through January and we already have our first 2016 award under our belts! (couldn’t resist throwing that one in!)




Mini-U have some great plans for the 2016 with many new and exciting products up their sleeves!

So here’s a sneak peek at what you can look forward to…..
Single bath bomb coming soon social-01Our new single bath bomb Bang Fizzy Ping, bath bomb for Pingus, scented with Vanilla, the new addition will add a arctic white to bath time, as well as icy Glitter particles. Our new bath bomb treat comes with the added bonus of Shea Butter to help moisturise dry skin.


6 pack bath bomb coming soon social-01

Don’t miss our brand new 6 pack, including one of all your favourite single characters, all wrapped up in a gift box, the perfect present for all ages!

NO Sodium Laurel/Laureth Sulphates or Parabens

Fun & educational

Cleanses skin

With hidden toy surprisequestion-mark-vector-1068869

Does not stain the skin or bath


The great news is, we also have really exciting products in the making, so watch this space……..

but for now we will keep you guessing!

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Mini-U Shortlisted for Prima Baby Awards

Prima Baby Awards 2016 shortlist announced


Mini-U are very proud to announce they have been shortlisted for the Prima Baby awards 2016!!

The awards reveal the best products and services in the baby and parenting industry, based on a panel of specialist (and very tough) experts, MFM mums and Prima Baby reader reviews and votes.

There are 82 categories of everything parenting related, including buggies, car seats, cots and carriers, as well as lifestyle products, beauty buys and fashion brands.


Fizzy_Plops web sized copy



Our fun and fabulous Fizzy Plops bath colour tablets were shortlisted in the Best Bath Product category!

We are delighted with the award, Mini-U starts 2016 on a real high!




Hi kids we are the Fizzy Plop family, a family of 9 squeezed into one bag of FUN! With us around bath time will always be a colourful treat of Watermelon red, Kiwi green or Blueberry blue. PLOP us into the bath and we FIZZ and colour all at the same time. You can even try PLOPPING us in 2 at a time and mixing colours while you wash and learn!

Here’s to plenty more awards throughout the year; and a big pat on the back for our Fizzy Plops!

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Mini-U teams up with Southampton Hospital Charity

For some time now the team at Mini-U has wanted to get involved in a charity that directly benefits children and with so many wonderful and deserving charities out there, it has been difficult decision.

14168884722_8fb662dda2_zFor us, the deciding moment came a few weeks ago, as were were heading home along the M27, relaxed and happy from a wonderful family day out. The wailing sirens of a passing ambulance from the Southampton Children’s Intensive Care Unit jolted us from our comfortable reality and we reflected on the¬†fact that someone’s child was in that ambulance and our hearts reached out to their famliy, even though we’d probably never know who they were.

To our horror, a few minutes later we saw the ambulance for a second time, and this time it was pulled up on the hard shoulder of the motorway which meant only one thing – the child inside required immediate medical assistance. My blood turned cold and the hairs on my arms stood up; someone’s child was in that ambulance with their little life in the balance and here we were just driving by feeling powerless.

Following this incident we knew in our hearts that we’d found the charity that we’d been looking for and we’re now committed to doing our very best to raise funds for the Southampton Hospital Children’s Ward through charity events and other initiatives in the coming months.


imgres-1Southampton Hospital Charity aims to enhance the world class facilities provided at Southampton General and the Princess Ann Hospitals by University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust.

University Hospital Southampton provides services to some 1.3 million people living in Southampton and South Hampshire plus specialist services including neurosciences, cardiac services and children’s intensive care to more than 3 million in central southern England and the Channel Islands.

The charity funds projects go towards improving the environment for patients to make there stay in hospital as comfortable as possible, so important to small children


We look forward to keeping you updated with details of fundraising events and hope that you will support us in our efforts.

That’s all for now.. Caroline