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5 ways to make bath times more exciting for kids

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How to make bathtime fun

When it comes to bath times, many parents can relate to the stress involved with keeping your little one happy and occupied. Small children can often get impatient in the tub, especially when you’re trying to get them clean or wash their hair. Even though bath times can seem laborious, they are an important part of learning and development. Here at Mini-U, we want to help transform your bath times into a fun and engaging experience. With five easy ideas below, you can turn your tub into a sensory wonderland for your little one.

1.      Get bubbly!

The first crucial step to transform your bath is, of course, bubbles! Even for adults, a foaming bubble bath is always more enticing! Adding bubbles to the water creates endless fun, from making beards to hiding treasure underneath. It’s important to make sure that your bubble bath is child-friendly and contains no nasty ingredients. Whilst sat in the bubbles, encourage your child to wash their own body. This will make them feel independent and grown-up whilst teaching them the importance of washing. To make bubbles even more entertaining, our Lovely Bubbly range offers watermelon and blueberry scented bubbles – adding these is bound to turn your tub into a stimulating playground

2.      Toys, toys, toys!

Toys are guaranteed to make play-time more fun – and bath times are no different! Bath toys are easier to conjure up than you may think: why not give your child some empty shampoo bottles, plastic tubs or sponges to play with? In your kitchen, you might have a plastic colluder that could make a great bath toy. Alternatively, empty sealed water bottles make great boats! Lots of plastic toys are suitable for the bath: why not play some games with your child to see which ones float and sink?

3.      Fizz it up with bath bombs!

Bath bombs are a great way to liven up bath times. Kids will love choosing a bath bomb to drop into the water and watch it fizz away. They are fantastic distractions for kids who need visual stimulation whilst you might need to work away at their tangled hair. It is important to make sure that your bath bombs are specifically designed for kids with softer colours and scents. With imagination in mind, our Bang Fizzy Whizz range even includes a surprise sponge toy inside – your little one will hardly be able to wait to get in the tub if a present lies at the end of it!

4.      Go diving!

The bath isn’t just a place to get scrubbed clean! It can be a fantastic opportunity to get your little one used to swimming. Bath times are perfect for introducing your child to the water, which is crucial for children who are a little anxious about the watery unknown. Getting them used to the sensation of dipping their faces under is a great start. Why not invest in some goggles to make this even more exciting? Drop some sinkable plastic toys in the tub and encourage your child to look for them with goggles on. Before you know it, your child will feel confident and ready for proper swimming – all thanks to the bath!

5.      Make it colourful!

No one wants a boring bath! With our range of bath colour tablets, you can turn your little ones’ bath into a magical world of colour. Letting your child pick the colour of their water is a sure way to engage them. When using products to colour the water, ensure that it consists of gentle ingredients which will not stain the bath or skin!

It’s easier than you think you get adventurous in the bath – all you need is imagination! What’s more, filling your bath with interesting toys doesn’t need to break the bank. (It’s important to note that your child must be supervised at all times in the bath). For an entire range of exciting products to jazz up bath times, browse Mini-U today.