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5 fun summer activities to do at home for kids

The sun is shining, the children have broken up from school and the summer holidays are here again! With weeks of school-free bliss upon us, how are you going to keep your little ones occupied? Here at Mini-U, we love sharing our ideas for how to get creative at home, encouraging your children to engage in messy play and use their imaginations. We’re here to share some easy and innovative ideas to try at home this summer break.

Camp in the garden

If you have a tent, an exciting and cost-free activity to consider is turning your garden into a campsite! Kids will love spending the day setting the tent up outside and getting their cosy blankets and torches ready for a night under the stars. As well as making the most of the warmer summer weather, camping is also a great way to spend quality time together. In preparation, gather together your favourite night-time snacks and books to read whilst snuggled up. 

Make a splash

We hope that the summer brings some hot days! If so, what better way to spend it than outside with a paddling pool? With plenty of affordable pools to buy online, this is a great way to encourage little ones to have fun in the water. They can practice blowing bubbles, splashing and kicking – all great swimming skills to practice in preparation for bigger pools! To liven up your paddling pool even more, why not drop in one of our child-friendly bath bombs to create mesmerising colours in the water?

Outside painting

It wouldn’t be the summer holidays without a bit of messy play. Painting outside is a great way to help children discover their creative spark: you could encourage children to gather larger pebbles and stones to paint or get even messier with finger or handprint painting. Opt for washable, ready mixed paints with non-toxic ingredients that are designed specifically for children. Painting is a great way to experiment with mixing primary colours to see what shades you can make!

Do a scavenger hunt

If you’re stuck for ideas, why not arrange a treasure hunt in your garden? Gather some treats and prizes, and hide them in various places. You can then create clever clues to lead your little ones to the hiding places. Inviting friends over and splitting children into groups is a great way to encourage teamwork and sharing, helping children to work together and enjoy the rewards for their clever thinking!

Get messy: it will all come out in the wash!

Whether you’ve been outside making a masterpiece or getting muddy in the garden, summer activities can get messy. But the fun doesn’t have to stop when the sun goes down: you can make bathtime fun too! With our bath colour tablets, you can transform a boring bath into a stimulating wonderland for your child. What’s more, our range of child-friendly shampoos and conditioners are carefully designed to get your child squeaky clean, whilst using gentle formulas and non-toxic ingredients.

With this handy guide, you should never run out of things to do this summer! There is an abundance of ways to stay occupied, without breaking the bank or travelling far. At Mini-U, we love letting children be children: browse our wide range of award-winning bath bombs for kids and child-friendly hair products today.