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4 tips for kids’ winter hair care

Image of a smiling young girl holding two Mini-U products in each hand

Winter can be harsh on our hair, and especially harsh on children’s soft, undamaged hair. While it’s important to protect your child’s hair all year round, there are a few ways you can give it a little extra TLC while the weather is cold and frosty. 

Soft sleek smooth hair this winter with Mini U products

1. Moisturise and condition

The cold and harsh winter air can really dry out your child’s hair. It’s important to keep the moisture locked in. You can do this by using a moisturising conditioner like our Moisture Mania Conditioner. For an extra moisturising treatment, you could use our conditioner as a leave on mask.

2. Protective hairstyles 

You can protect hair and help to prevent cold winter air damage by wearing a protective hairstyle. This is a hairstyle that protects the ends of your child’s hair and stops it from being exposed to the elements. Try buns, braids or any other type of up-dos on your children’s hair. If your little one is opposed to having their hair brushed a styled, we recommend trying our Pro Styler hair brush, it takes the pain out of brushing! Pair it with our Dynamite Detangler to help prevent breakages, too.

Image of young girl holding pro styler brush and dynamite detangling spray
Julie on Instagram shared this photo of her daughter using our Detangler and brush!

3. Completely dry the hair 

When your child is due to go outside, make sure that their hair is completely dry. The freezing cold air can freeze the water that is held in the hair, this them leads to breakages and damage. Try to ensure your child’s hair is completely dry before stepping outside. Of course, just like the weather, a hair dryer can contribute to the dryness, so try to wash your little one’s hair the night before and allow it time to air dry.

4. Wear a hat! 

The best way to protect hair from the harsh elements is to keep it covered! Where possible, encourage your child to wear a hat when they’re outside, this will reduce the chance of the elements drying their hair out, and keep it in the best possible condition.

All of our products are free of nasty chemicals such as SLS and Parabens so you can be rest assured your child’s hair will be damage free! Shop now.